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Vending Machines!

Smart Vending is the Future and
Hangover Joe's is leading the Way

The Hangover Recovery Shot? - Smart Vending Machines will replace banned smoking machines in bars and nightclubs. You reach an audience that is captively consuming alcohol and who are spending $8 to $15 on a cocktail. They will have no problem paying $5 for a Hangover Recovery Shot to feel better in the mornings.

These machines will work in Bars, Night Clubs, Hotels, Casinos, Gyms, Mass Transit, Stations, Bus Stops, Airports, Factories, Plants, Colleges, Office Buildings, Break Rooms, Conventions, Centers, Stadiums, Festivals, Many More

Smart Vending Machine? -Set up less than ten minutes. They have credit card processing and pay to your bank account once a week. Emails you and tells you when a location is running low so you can go fill the machine. Earn more profit as there is no retail store mark up so you make all the profits in your territory.


State of the Art Machines:

  • Only Takes Credit Cards/Secure Payment Systems
  • No Cash
  • No Theft No Hassle
  • Full Audit Function
  • Takes Google Pay, Apple Pay and Host of Credit Cards
  • High Capacity Storage with Four Widow Viewing Option
  • Total Capacity 160 Bottles
  • Easy Load Gravity Feed
  • Have a 1 year service warranty.
  • Made in the USA Exclusively for Hangover Joe's
Hangover Joe's Vending Specifications
Shot Capacity: 2 oz. Bottles - All Selections
40 Bottles each selection Total Capacity - 160 Bottles

Size Specifications: 51" H X 25.25"W X 22" D
Add 6" to right side from wall (door clearance)

Weight: 115 lbs.
Shipped five (5) to a pallet

120 V 60Hz 1 Phase 1A 15 Amp Circuit Required
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The Movie The Hangover
2012 CSNews Best New Product

Distributorships now available in US and Canada.

Click Here for Dealership information.

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Hangover Joe's products does not prevent intoxication. Always drink responsibly. Never drink and drive. Not intended for minors.

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The Movie The Hangover
2012 CSNews Best New Product

The Reviews Are In

  • "My good buddies had a serious party when we all graduated. I can't remember everything, but it was awesome...I think. Next morning, however, I didn't feel so great. My girlfriend gave me a Hangover Joe's. Couldn't believe how well it works. Joe's the man." -Ray, college student, Gainesville, FL.
  • "I partied a little too much at my friend's wedding reception. Tried the Hangover Recovery Shot the next morning and felt so much better. It worked pretty quickly too. I'm getting married in a few weeks. I'm going to have a table full of Recovery Shots for my guests at the reception! "-Blair, realtor, Austin TX.
  • "I have used 5 Hour Energy for over two years. A friend told me "Hangover" was better. WOW! This stuff really works." -Kevin, construction worker, Mobile, Alabama.
  • "I don't drink alcohol, but I am hooked on energy drinks and shots. I tried Hangover Joe's and three weeks later, I'm still using it. I work late and it gives me that little boost I need to give my best without the letdown I get a few hours later from other energy shots." -Deborah, registered nurse, Nashville, TN.