February 17, 2012


Erik Baker

Shawn Adamson

Hangover Joe’s to unveil its “Hangover Recovery Tent” at this year’s St. Louis Mardi Gras, Announces signature sponsorship of several major music festivals

Hangover Joe’s will unveil its widely popular brand THE HANGOVER RECOVERY SHOT™ for the first time in Missouri Saturday, Feb 18th with a giant 10x20 Hangover Recovery Tent. This is the only place in Missouri that you can get the one and only “proven to work” hangover recovery shot.

2012 marks the debut of THE HANGOVER RECOVERY SHOT™ in St. Louis. The massive tent and “recovery area” is located in the heart of Mardi Gras directly on Russell Street between 9th and 10th. The brand will be on hand with over 40,000 Hangover Recover Shots attached to Mardi Gras Beads to be worn around their necks and experience hangover freedom.

Additionally, Hangover Joe’s is bringing a new level of excitement and interaction for the attendees of this year’s festivities with the new mobile app CrowdStream. With this amazing new technology attendees can “check in” with the app and access photos, messages and videos from Hangover Joe’s while also taking and sharing their own. If that isn’t enough enticement to “check in” then maybe knowing that Hangover Joe’s is giving away a few “month long supplies” of the THE HANGOVER RECOVERY SHOT™ to three lucky winners who have “checked in” via CrowdStream. “No matter where you are at the St. Louis Mardi Gras this year you can “check in” and share with all of the other 300,000 people there. It’s a virtual recovery area where you have multiple chances to win great prizes and share the freedom from hangovers”, says Hangover Joe’s Digital Media Director, Erik Baker.

Hangover Joe’s is excited to bring such a great addition to 2012 St.Louis Mardi Gras and it will become a new tradition. Le Slogan De Mardi Gras! Get It & Get Over It!

Be on the lookout for THE HANGOVER RECOVERY SHOT™ at numerous major music festivals this year, including “Rock On The Range,” "Carolina Rebellion" and more, as the “proven to work” hangover remedy makes its way to parties across the nation.

For more information about Hangover Joe’s, The Hangover Recovery Shot or how to download the CrowdStream app please visit