April 20, 2012

“The Hangover” Recovery Shot Lands Two Leading Anheuser-Buch Distributors in New Hampshire

April 30, 2012 – “The Hangover” Recovery Shot has landed two leading Anheuser-Buch distributors in New Hampshire: Bellevance Beverage Co. and New Hampshire Distributors, Inc.

Headquartered in Nashua, New Hampshire, Bellevance Beverage Co. has been a beer distributor for over 100 years, and is one of New Hampshire’s leading Anheuser-Busch distributors in sales trends. The company distributes over 75 brands of alcoholic and non- alcoholic beverages including Anheuser-Busch products, Heineken, InBev, Monster, Icelandic Glacial Water, Apple & Eve Juices, and Skinny Water® products.

New Hampshire Distributors, Inc. was founded in August of 1946 by James H. Hayes and is another Anseuser-Bush distributor that will be selling the nations #1 Hangover Recovery Shot by Hangover Joe’s inc., with 1400 accounts in the eastern part of the state, stretching from Concord to Seabrook to North Conway to Lincoln and all towns in between New Hampshire Distributors will be rolling out “The Hangover” Recovery Shot in these areas of New Hampshire in the coming weeks.

The Hangover’ Recovery Shot will be showing up on most counters where Budweiser is sold in the state of New Hampshire,” said Jim Ledoux, the specialty brands manager for Bellevance Beverage Co. “We have been watching this brand for some time and it’s strong. We feel this is a perfect fit for us as we spoke to other distributors who are caring the brand around the country and the sell through numbers are very good. The brand has grown in popularity, and Hangover Joe’s is very strong at promoting and growing the brand. The one thing we like is the instant branding of the movie “The Hangover.” The Hangover Recovery category gives us another option to increase sales and the category is growing, plus “The Hangover” Recovery Shot is leading the way - it’s just a natural fit for our company.”

Hangover Joe’s is increasing distribution all over the USA in distribution houses and is showing up on the counters of convenience stores and grocery chains & liquor stores from coast to coast. CEO Michael Jaynes said, “Adding another Anheuser-Bush house is great for us and keeps showing that the brand and category are growing, we cannot be more happy and we are look forward to a strong partnership with these distributors in New Hampshire.”

“The Hangover” Recovery Shot has landed on the counter of thousands of new retailers over the last six months. The brand has continued to grow and will be going internationally in the coming months to both Australia & Canada. Mike Malm, National Sales Director for “The Hangover” Recovery Shot said, “Everyone can relate to the brand, it has mass appeal. We have everyone using the product from young adults to baby boomers and soccer moms to day labors. The brand itself is fun and the product works very effective as a morning after hangover Recovery Shot. The brand is getting lots of exposure and growing and we will be doing quite a bit of direct promotion to the consumer and dispatching our “hangover recovery nurses” to events around the country. The nurses are becoming iconic and everyone loves when they show up at events.

“We are working with more and more beer distributors and liquor distributors and it’s just a natural as a line extension for these distributors,” Malm continued. “The key is we have people at the point of sale of alcohol and here is a great product to get you up and going the next day. Most of the users of “The Hangover” Recovery Shot are casual drinkers with 30 million plus hangovers a week in the USA this category is huge and our brand is on target and leading the way in the industry. We are happy to have added these key Anheuser-Busch distributors in New Hampshire. This is a good thing for the brand, and gives Hangover Joe’s more distribution on the East Coast.”

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