Hangover Joe's Signs Landmark Deal With "The Hangover"!

Hangover Joe's the nations leading Hangover Recovery Shot, has just teamed up with Warner Bros. and the characters from The Hangover and will be releasing in September 2011 the images of The Hangover printed right on the bottles. The company is expecting large volume sales as the hangover recovery product will be available to retailers all over the USA. We are very excited about this partnership said Shawn Adamson & Mike Jaynes managing partners for Hangover Joe's Get Up & Go.

The bottles will feature the characters and quotes from the movie. Each character will have his/her own bottle. "People can collect the different bottles and complete the whole series. Everyone knows this movie and we are very excited to be a part of this. There is not a Convenience Store or a Liquor Store who is not going to want to have a few boxes of this product on their counters. It's the perfect marriage between these two companies. We are creating a whole new category on the counters of retailers in the USA. Hangover Recovery Shots are similar to energy shots but are for hangover relief and that's a huge market. We are so different from energy and its a great fit for stores that are selling alcohol at point of sale, this product is just a no brainer. We have been selling very well in Convenience Stores and retailers in the USA and now being the official licensed product for The Hangover makes it even better for our brand. Hangover Joe's expects to sell millions of these shots in the next year. We have the perfect product that is a great fit for The Hangover & Hangover Joe's Get Up & Go.