Hangover Joe’s was started in 2009 and is the nation’s leading morning after hangover recovery drink! The company realized very early on that this was a functional lifestyle company and brand. We are proud to announce the introduction of our new brand extension, Hangover Joe’s Beef Jerky! We have created a full line of aged cured premium USA beef brisket jerky. We have worked hard, just like we did in creating our hangover recovery brand to create our own original recipe of original Hangover Joe’s beef jerky. We use only the highest quality of beef and flavoring and spices to create what we believe will become a world famous brand. We only purchase beef that is hand selected from the best cattle ranches in the USA!

Jerky was first introduced by the South American (Peru) native tribe called the Quechua (part of the ancient Inca Empire) in 1550. The word jerky comes from the Spanish word charqui, which means to burn meat (think of the modern version in the term: charbroiled). Thats pretty harsh, but its origin is appropriate. When the Spanish were first exploring the New World, they found natives in the Caribbean who cooked meat longer than normal, hung high over a low flame. This slow cooking took much of the moisture out of the meat and made it possible to take the food with them over long sea trips. Soon, Charqui was a staple of the sailors diets and eventually became standard pirate food (along with a healthy dose of rum). Hangover Joe’s is bringing back this traditional form of beef jerky with a Caribbean influence and the taste of New Orleans. New Orleans is the northern-most city in the Caribbean, where history, food, and music intertwine.

Our beef Jerky will have an influence from these regions with Whiskey (Bourbon) New Orleans Cured Beef Jerky, Memphis Dry Rub BBQ Beef Jerky, IPA Beer Cured Beef Jerky, , Western Style Outlaw Beef Jerky, Sake Teriyaki Beef Jerky, Vodka Infused & Cured Peppered & Sea Salted Beef Jerky, Tequila Lime Habanero Beef Jerky, plus Rum & Coconut Campfire Pirate Beef Jerky. The beauty of our jerky is in it’s diversity and gourmet cured craft. We have cured aged our beef jerky with a blended marinade of alcohol & spice to bring a distinctive flavoring to our jerky meat like no other brands on the market. We believe you will agree that his is outstanding flavor and quality. As we grow we will introduce other beef jerky styles and flavors.

We take a lot of pride in making our gourmet style, high quality tender cut jerky products. Rest assured when ordering our beef jerky products you are receiving only the highest quality U.S. beef, unlike most jerky on the market today, which are imported. We have refined our jerky making process and flavors. We have worked for some time to create this line of what we think will be an award winning, world famous beef jerky. Once you have tried our jerky you will never go back to the others. Our dealers are going to be placing our branded beef jerky into stores around the country, so look for the Hangover Joe’s brand and ask for it by name. If it has the Hangover Joe’s logo on the bag you know its top quality.

We are always looking for new distributors, Farmers markets, Road Side businesses, Convenience Stores and Grocery Stores and Retailers. We also offer a Factory Direct program to retailers if there is no dealer in your area to sell our Jerky line. Once there is a dealer in your area they will take over and service your stores. Developing recipes and perfecting the unique taste and styles of history in each bag of Hangover Joe’s beef jerky is a balance between quality and perfection, this is an obsession of ours. We have made it our mission to always provide the best jerky product to the world as we have done with our Hangover Recovery Shots and our Healthy Energy Shots. We look forward to having you as a lifelong customer of our brands. If interested in becoming a dealer of the Hangover Joe’s brands for more information go to www.smsdealerships.com and join the growing family of dealers of our brands and become part of the Hangover Joe’s family.